Free shipping is offered on all orders. Destinations regularly shipped to includes USA, Canada, the UK, Mexico. 


I ordered the wrong bracelet can I change it?  

Sure.  Let us know as soon as possible in a note on your purchase and we can change it right away if it has yet to shipped.  After it has shipped, there is nothing we can do.


My delivery hasn't arrived yet, what do I do? 

Our setup is such that items have to be dispatched from an overseas location to your home.  This process often takes between 10 and 40 business days.  We will update you with a tracking number on request.


What are the payment options?

We accept all major credit cards.


My order is damaged/faulty can I get a replacement? 

Yup, just send the item back to us and we'll replace or provide credit for it for you within 15 days of receiving your order.


I made a large order but not all the items have arrived yet?

We ship items out in small groups so that you don't get charged a lot at customs, and also as to avoid you waiting for items that may take a little longer.